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Stories That Change the World...

I'm a huge believer in the power of story.  


While we may argue semantics about philosophy or belief, the commonlity of another person's story breaks beyond our barriers to impact the heart.  


That's why I'm passionate about giving people a voice they wouldn't otherwise have.  From committed individuals who have given up their comforts, family and friends to suffer with those who have less -  to those who struggle under oppression that no one seems to know or sometimes even care about - media gives us the opportunity to give people a platform they wouldn't otherwise have.  I'm extremely privileged to have the opportunity to bring these stories to you.


On this website, I've posted inspirational stories of all kinds - from video to print to a single photograph that is a story in itself.  I hope you find yourself uplifted, motivated and driven to join me in using your own gifts and talents to change the world. 

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