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Join with Me To Make a Difference

I believe that as we bring together our individual strengths, talents and passions, we will change the world. I don't say that lightly, as I realize it sounds... well, just a little bit idealistic.   And yet I've seen it!   I've been privileged to travel all over the world, to see the amazing work people of purpose are accomplishing. None of them could do it alone.  And yet when passionate people come together to support a well-planned project with their finances, voices and volunteer hours, miracles do happen.  I've seen wells gushing forth clean water where there was none, little girls rescued from the brothels that tortured and sold them daily, starving people being able to grow food  and orphans experiencing love for the first time in their life.  It's all possible, but it won't happen without your unique contribution to this world.  

Be Their Voice
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